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EMS Pilot – California

Position Type: Permanent
Company: CALSTAR
Fax Number: (916) 929-6640
Address: 4933 Bailey Loop
Web Address: www.calstar.org
Company Info: California Shock Trauma Air Rescue (CALSTAR) is a nonprofit regional air ambulance service. Our mission is to save lives, reduce disability and speed recovery for victims of trauma and illness.
Supported Manufacturers: CALSTAR operates EC-135‘s, BO-105‘s
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Job Title: EMS Pilot
Location: Gilroy California USA
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Desc: CALSTAR EMS Pilots perform the duties of pilot-in-command as defined Federal Aviation Regulations and are directly responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of each flight assigned to him/her. The position of EMS Pilot reports to the Lead Pilot or as advised, to the Chief Pilot.
Requirements: HELICOPTER QUALIFICATIONS: Basic: In order to be considered for the position of CALSTAR EMS Pilot assigned to a helicopter base, a person must possess the following same aviation qualifications and experience. Assigned to a VFR Base FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate - Rotorcraft-Helicopter Instrument Rating - Helicopter 3,000 hours total helicopter flight time as PIC 1,500 hours turbine helicopter time 150 hours Unaided Night Preferred Experience: Civilian EMS, Mountain Flying, Night Vision Goggle, and Multi-Engine Helicopter. Assigned to a IFR Base All qualifications above, and: FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate – Rotorcraft – Helicopter * 100 hours of actual or simulated instrument time in helicopters * ALL CALSTAR IFR Captains must obtain their Airline Transport Pilot – Helicopter certificate within 12 months of hire date.
Relocation: Yes
Job Ident #:
Benefits: TBDvia Pilot-Rotary Wing job at CALSTAR - EMS Pilot.
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