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Helicopter Aircraft Line Captain – Texas

Position Type:Permanent
Company:Noble Drilling
Fax Number:()
Address:241 Lee Duggan drive
Sugar Land
Web Address:www.noblecorp.com
Company Info:Noble is a leading offshore drilling contractor for the oil and gas industry. Noble performs, through its subsidiaries, contract drilling services with a fleet of offshore drilling units located worldwide, including in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, the North Sea, the Mediterranean, West Africa, the Middle East, India and the Asian Pacific. Noble‘s shares are publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “NE”. Noble Drilling Services Inc. offices are located at 13135 South Dairy Ashford, Suite 800, Sugar Land, TX 77478 and operate their Sikorsky S76B corporate helicopter under FAR Part 91 from the Sugar Land Regional Airport (KSGR). The mission profile for the Noble Drilling helicopter is to provide expeditious transportation for corporate personnel and materials in a safe, timely and efficient manner.
Supported Manufacturers:Sikorsky
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Job Title:Helicopter Aircraft Line Captain
Location:Sugar Land Texas USA
Salary Range:Neg-Neg
Job Desc:Job Summary:

This is not an entry level position

The Captain reports directly to the Aviation Manager-Helicopter with responsibility to operate the aircraft to which he or she is assigned and to ensure that it is in airworthy condition prior to flight. In cases where two Captains are aboard, one Captain will be assigned to the aircraft as the PIC, while the other Captain will assume the duties of Second-in-Command (SIC). The PIC is directly responsible for the safety of the passengers, crew, and cargo. The Captain has the final authority as to the operation of the assigned aircraft. Complies with FARs, Company policies and procedures, and aviation rules established by foreign countries. The Captain is responsible for all aspects of the assigned trip. Educates and mentors First Officers on all aspects of their job. Employer prefers pilots to reside within one hour of the helicopter based heliport.


  1. 5+ years experience as a corporate pilot, preference to candidates with Off-shore flying experience
  2. Minimum 3000 Hours Total Flight Time, 2000 Hours PIC Helicopter Time, 2000 Hours Total Turbine
  3. Current FAA Airline Transport License
  4. FAA First Class Medical
  5. Day and night helicopter flight currency
  6. Minimum 150 Hours Night flight hours - can be combined night and NVG
  7. Courteous treatment of and assistance to passengers
  8. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  9. Self-motivated, independent and able to manage corporate assets without supervision

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree from accredited college, university or institution
  2. Prior S76 experience and simulator training/experience in corporate rotorcraft
  3. ATP-Helicopter
  4. Experience flying Off-shore - Gulf Of Mexico
  5. HUET (Helicopter Underwater Egress Training)
  6. Reside within one hour of Sugar Land Airport, Sugar Land, Texas

Essential Functions:

  • Assist department management with assigned projects related to the overall operational control of department equipment, staff, and vendors.
  • Maintains up-to-date personal records (e.g., FAA medical certificate, FAA airman certificates, passport, proficiency checks, and any other records applicable to the performance of flight duty).
  • Provides copies of these records to the Aviation Manager-Helicopter as they are updated or revised.
  • Represent the company in aviation matters, when assigned: trade associations, the FAA, state or municipal aviation bodies, airport management, community organizations and contract agencies.
  • Maintains up-to-date Jeppesen nav data bases, EFBs, manuals and other publications as assigned by the Aviation Manager-Helicopter.
  • Maintain high morales through an awareness of company and department policies, employee development programs and periodic department meetings for the two-way communication of ideas, goals and objectives.


  • Ensures that the aircraft has been released for flight and preflight inspections performed prior to scheduled flight. If, in the opinion of the crew, the aircraft is not in airworthy condition, the PIC shall call Maintenance and the department Aviation Manager-Helicopter to determine a further course of action.
  • Checks aircraft weight and balance, fuel on board, and aircraft performance charts to ensure that performance requirements can be met, as prescribed by FARs.
  • Ensures that the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight.
  • Maintains logs and forms.
  • Analyzes weather conditions at the departure airport, points in route, destination airport, and alternate airports. Ensures that an IFR flight plan is filed.
  • Makes any decisions necessary to start, delay, or cancel the flight when operational conditions dictate.
  • Reports any changes to the trip plan (e.g., departure times, destination, delays, etc.) to the Aviation Manager-Helicopter at the time of change.
  • Ensures that the passenger manifest is correct.
  • Assists passengers in boarding and deplaning.
  • Assists in the loading and unloading of baggage and cargo, as necessary.
  • After each trip, ensures that the aircraft interior is cleaned and restocked in preparation for the next flight.
  • Thoroughly debriefs maintenance on aircraft discrepancies and remains knowledgeable of corrective action.
  • Maintains currency and a high level of proficiency and competency in Company aircraft.
  • Analyze various training sources, which could include aircraft training flights, simulator training, en route flight checks, ground school training and prepackaged learning courses.
  • Monitor the flight crew and dispatchers to ensure compliance with flight dispatch policies and procedures.
  • Help personnel understand the company’s objectives and each other’s needs.
  • Other duties as assigned by management


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Benefits:Medical, Dental, 401k, Disability, Life Ins. Bonus, Profit Sharing,via Pilot-Rotary Wing job at Noble Drilling - Helicopter Aircraft Line Captain.
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