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CFI to take over established school – California

Redwood Coast Helicopters LLC
Eureka, CA 00000
United States
Minimum Flight Hours Required

Job Description

I am a CFI with my own Helicopter Company in Eureka CA. We do mostly pt.61 flight training and tours/photo flights. I have reached over 1000 hrs PIC and am looking to leave the business and +-8 students to a willing and able CFI. The school averages 400-500 hrs per year and turns a modest profit, with potential for growth.

This is a great opportunity for a CFI to build hours and experience, while running your own business and schedule. You have to show you have at least $35 000 in your bank account for the lease of the 2006 BII R22 helicopter (Leather seats, 2 comms and Garmin GPS). The expense of lease will be shared by 2 or 3 others, and they are all current students. Please e-mail for further information.

via CFI to take over established school.

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