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[Repost] Captain – Pennsylvania

Location: Danville, Pennsylvania, United States

Position: Captain

Job Type: Corporate

Minimum Pay: N/A

Maximum Pay: N/A

Flight Time Requirements Snapshot

  • Total Flight Time: 2000
  • Pilot In Command: 1000
  • Turbine PIC: N/A
  • Multi Engine: N/A
  • Actual Instrument: 25

Job Description

The Pilot-in-Command (PIC) is responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of a flight assignment. The pilot-in-command and is authorized by Company to process a flight assignment received from the Life Flight Communications Center and determines whether to accept or decline a flight assignment based on weather conditions or other factors that may impact the safety of flight. The Pilot-in-command will evaluate Visual Flight Rules (VFR) options and Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) options when applicable. A fully credentialed pilot will be NVG and a single pilot (IFR) captain. Works collaboratively with other members of the flight program.

Minimum Requirements

EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE:*Required to meet all the qualifications for an IFR captain set forth in 135.243(C). Additionally: 2000 total flight hours with a minimum of 1500 helicopter hours, 1000 hours Pilot in Command time, 1000 hours of Turbine engine time and 100 hours of Night flight hours required. A minimum of 25 hrs. of actual Instrument experience preferred.*IFR transition: All pilots will begin employment as a VFR captain. IFR certification will be complete within 180 days of hire with a maximum of 10hrs allotted for the VFR to IFR transition. New hires will be considered on probationary status until IFR certification is successfully completed.*NVG transition. All pilots will begin employment a Non-NVG captain. NVG certification will be complete within 180 days of final FAA NVG approval. A minimum of five and a maximum of 10hrs allotted for the NVG transition. Employees hired after FAA NVG approval will be on the 180 day schedule to complete this certification and will be considered on probationary status until NVG certification is successfully completed.*Commercial helicopter license with IFR rating required.*ATP license preferred.*FAA Class II Physical Medical Certificate required.*Helicopter EMS experience preferred.*Night Vision Goggle (NVG) experience preferred.

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