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Rotary Wing Pilots – Louisiana

Position Type: Permanent
Company: Bristow U.S. LLC
Fax Number: ()
Address: 4605 Industrial Drive
New Iberia
Web Address: www.bristowgroup.com
Company Info: Bristow aims to provide the safest and most efficient helicopter services and aviation support worldwide. We will achieve this by focusing on and committing to: • Working in innovative partnerships with our customers • Further developing our highly professional workforce • Expanding our business and extending our horizons A career with Bristow offers the opportunity to work with great clients and some of the most highly regarded experts in the global helicopter service industry. Throughout its history, Bristow has emphasized stringent standards of safety, quality, customer satisfaction and the utmost in business integrity. Bristow needs qualified personnel with a global outlook and the skills and technical abilities that are critical to the company‘s growth. When evaluating prospective employees, Bristow seeks those with experience, intelligence, energy and motivation.
Supported Manufacturers: Bell, Sikorsky, American Eurocopter, Agusta, Robinson, Schweizer
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Job Title: Rotary Wing Pilots
Location: Gulf of Mexico Louisiana USA
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Desc:
To operate assigned aircraft in the safest most cost effective and customer oriented manner adhering to all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and Bristow Operations Manual.


  • Execute all flight missions in the safest possible manner and in accordance with the Bristow Operations Manual and all appropriate FARs.  Reporting for duty at assigned base and at the assigned time.  While on duty will wear a complete and proper uniform.  Will possess the appropriate medical certificate and pilot certificate.  Will maintain current operators’ manual and all other pertinent items as directed by the company.  Refer to the Company’s General Information Manual Chapter 1, Section 1.15 Pilot Objectives and Responsibilities for additional duties and responsibilities.
  • Check weather for enroute and destination conditions. Have adequate charts, flight sheets, etc. to complete the assigned mission.  Check the aircraft flight logbook for status of hard cover write-ups.  
  • Check that all required documents are aboard the aircraft which includes: Airworthiness Certificate, Certificate of Registration, Aircraft Flight Manual, Aircraft Log Book, GPS Operations Manual, Emergency Check List, Passenger Briefing Cards, all required emergency equipment, and Operations Manual.
  • Plans fuel requirements to ensure safe fuel handling procedures.  Perform weight and balance calculations to include ensuring that aircraft has been properly weighted within the past 36 months.  complete enroute planning as defined in Bristow’s Operations Manual.  
  • Perform a proper and complete pre-flight as defined in Bristow Operations Manual.  Brief passengers according to Bristow’s Operations Manual and FAR 135.117.  Will accurately complete paperwork such as flight sheets, logbooks, manifest, and any and all other required paperwork.
  • Ability to successfully complete Company required flight training and FAA flight checks.  Maintain a professional, helpful, and congenial customer relation.  Presents a professional appearance at all times while on duty.
  • Demonstrates ability to work well with others and when assigned as a crew member exemplifies positive teamwork and cockpit resource management (CRM) skills.
  • NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  Ensure cleanliness of company equipment such as aircraft, vehicles, offices, and living quarters.  
  • Submit accurate and complete expense reports.  Maintain a professional, helpful, and congenial customer relation.


  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, Rotorcraft-Helicopter, Instrument Helicopter 
  • Current Class II Medical Certificate 
  • College Degree preferred but not required
  • Prefer Airline Transport Pilot Certificate 
  • 1500 Hours Helicopter PIC time
  • Recent flying time
  • Prior Turbine (Bell 206 or 407) experience
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