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Article: “Checklists and Callouts”

Checklists and Callouts: Keep It Simple, Avoid Distraction, Prevent Ineptitude.

'Less is more' appears to be the current checklist design theme.

by Fred George, Business & Commercial Aviation, April 30, 2015

The first three decades of powered flight produced an explosive growth in the capabilities and complexities of aircraft. This became all too apparent on the afternoon of Oct. 30, 1935, when Maj. Ployer Hill, chief of the U.S. Army Air Corp’s flying branch, belted into the left seat of the Boeing Model 299 prototype at Wright Field. Known to the U.S. Army as the XB-17, the Model 299 was the most-sophisticated heavy bomber ever designed in the U.S., having four engines, adjustable fuel/air mixture, controllable pitch propellers, wing flaps, electric trim and retractable landing gear, among other advances. Some mainstream media pundits suggested that the airplane was just too complex to fly for average Army pilots.

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